Happy Tails - Adopted Pets

Send us your adoption success stories and photos of your new furry family member!

Here are a few pictures of Arnie since we have had him. We also included one of his new older but much smaller sister, Asia May. We love him so much!! We hope everything is going well with the animal shelter! Thank you!

Luke & His Dog, Bella!

Luke, a black and white kitten born in the great outdoors to a stray mother, was raised by shelter volunteers in foster care.  One of our new volunteers, who recently lost her cat after relocating to the area, fell in love with the little guy and welcomed him into her heart and home.

Above is Luke being cradled by his very own dog, Bella.  HOW SWEET IS THAT?

Sweet Life for Jilly Bean

This is Silver "AKA Jilly Bean adopted September 9th. She has made a great addition to our family. My daughter Saige has become her best friend. It is so funny, she will even jump into the bath tube with her while i am giving Saige a bath.

Adopted Bob & Great Dane Sis Livin' Large

Bob, a coonhound/wirehair pointer mix, was adopted in August 2012.  Here he is enjoying some quality time with his sister, Chloe.

Gator & his new sister

Gator and his new boxer sister are all snuggled up together, loving life and resting after a longgggg day of play.

Dexter Having a Healthy Snack

Dexter enjoys a carrot. We ♥ him! Suzi & Ed Grinrod, Madison, WI

Lance & Melissa

Lizzie is Lovin' Life

Lizzie is enjoying getting spoiled. Talk about a cuddler. She loves when "mom" has to take a sick day so she can snuggle on the couch ALL DAY! She's a weird one that seems to love squeezing between the sofa cushions to take a nap. But I love her silly quirks. Lizzie does not like the rain so we dug out the old raincoat. Don't think she really likes that much more than the rain, but she looked so cute 🙂 She is such a perfect dog!