Little Dogs with HUGE Personalities

Small Dogs With a Huge Personalities


Russ is my name folks and that may be stating the obvious since I am a Jack Russell Terrier, yet some human thought they were witty when naming me, so I’ll just humor them!  I’m right around a year of age and a little on the small side even for my particular breed.  While I may be tiny in stature, I do possess a St. Bernard-sized personality.

Indicative of my breed, I’m inquisitive, outgoing and super smart.  House training was no problem for little ol’ me and now I’m learning more & more in the obedience realm from my foster folks.  They think I’m pretty much one of the most awesome pooches they’ve ever encountered as I’m dog, cat & kid friendly.  I’m always cracking them up with my charismatic ways and playful antics.  People….so easily amused, aren’t they?

There’s another little guy lookin’ for love at the moment in the shelter’s adoption program.  Disco, a dainty Italian Greyhound puppy, got his name because of his not-so-smooth moves.  The poor 4-month old puppy is just all legs at this point in his life, so he’s named after the silly 1970’s era dance.  A smart and funny little chap, Disco is also house trained, knows some simple obedience and is a great indoor family member.  His foster family is also falling head over heels in love with him, so I’m here to help find an adoptive family for him so they can foster another dog in need of temporary housing!

Italian Greyhounds are very petite and dainty.  While I’m a shrimp, as a terrier I’m more sturdy, hardy and tenacious.  Disco is fragile and doesn’t do very well in extreme heat or cold due to his ultra short coat of fur.  Talk about buggy eyes!  Wait until you see Disco’s funny little face because it matches his fun-loving nature.

Smaller breeds often have bigger personalities that you’d expect, especially terriers, like me.  I’m bred to hunt small quarry, so I like to be occupied and absolutely thrive in an active household.  Each dog, regardless of their breed, possesses their own unique personality.  Get to know all of the fantastic personalities waiting for their adoption day to come at or find us on Facebook.