Puppy Training 101

Woof there.  My name is Gator & I’d like to find a family sooner than later!  I’m around 5-months of age and I’m a black and white bundle of puppy love.  People say I’m a boxer mix and then take bets on what that other half of me is.  Some say pointer, others say border collie…all you need to know is that I’m adorable, fun-loving, friendly and eager to please.

I entered the Emmet County Animal Shelter as a stray and I am living with a fantastic foster family.  The kids I live with are so much fun.  Not only do they  hug and kiss me, they also play fetch with me and are helping me learn how to retrieve.  Truth be told, I find it much more amusing to have them chase me around the yard, so I may hold off on that whole retrieving thing for a bit longer.

Those great kids also like to take me on walks, yet even at my age I’m pretty strong and occasionally am the one walking them!  I’d make a fantastic running partner as I love to exercise.  My foster family also has another dog and a cat and I enjoy the company of them both. I am kennel trained, know a few obedience commands and am doing very, very well as far as house training. And speaking of training, I have a few tips for you:

  1. Timing is important!  If I’m tired, super excited or busy exploring, you’ll want to hold off training until I can give you my full attention. How productive are you while your favorite show is on?
  2. Feed your puppy a quality food on a schedule as your puppy will have more consistent toileting habits and a house trained pooch in no time!  If I eat and drink all day, I’m going to have to go, go, go all day.
  3. Be patient.  Like little kids my attention span is quite short, so work with your pet for short spans of time and work on 2-3 commands at a time and always offer praise and affection for a job well done.
  4. Reward good behavior and ignore bad.  Remember, I’m a dog so it is difficult for me to understand if you’re verbally scolding or praising me.  By rewarding the things that I do well, using the great outdoors as my toilet & sitting on command, before long all of the good will outweigh the bad!

My name is Gator and I’m a fantastic young large breed pup who would love to find my forever family.  I’m cute, loving, loyal, intelligent and fun and there are more pictures of my on the shelter’s Facebook page. If you’d like to meet fantastic me, please contact the Emmet County Animal Shelter.

Drooly Your’s,